Letter Bishop

A handwritten letter from November 1, 1958, that Bill Evans wrote to Bud Bishop at the occasion of Bud’s oldest daughter’s birth.

Bill visited his parents for three weeks in Florida. From his text: “Before this visit I had been working with the Miles Davis sextet, a great band. Somehow, I felt worn down spiritually, perhaps too much striving for the past few years, and travelling, nightclubs and bad pianos”.

The letter is copyrighted.

Comment by Win Hinkle (quarterly newsletter Letter from Evans, 26 issues: 1989-1994) on Facebook:
What a great historical resource of times that Bill spent hanging with his parents in FL. Many thanks to Bud Bishop. The return address is Bill’s mother and father’s rented trailer in a park on the northwest side of Ormond Beach, FL, (unfortunately not the beach side). Bill, or his parents had set up a piano in the front end of the trailer in anticipation of Bill’s visits and Bill’s mother, Mary, did play piano a little. I learned this around 1988 as I was playing in a real dump of bar In Daytona with Alan Eager. The bar was right behind the Peabody Auditorium (now a parking lot) where many of the Orlando musicians played shows and concerts. A sort of bass player and pianist named Tom Mix (the same name as the old cowboy actor) came to the bar and introduced himself. He played the piano, a Rhodes electric, on a semi-regular basis. Mix’s parents owned a trailer close to Bill’s parents’ trailer and was listening when Bill was staying there and practicing. I didn’t give Mix much credit to his story until he sat in with Eager’s group one night and started playing parts of “RE: Person I Knew” and “Time Remembered.” Mix died just after that encounter as I tried to look him up later. He worked as a substance abuse counselor for Volusia County FL.