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During his life Bill Evans appeared several times on the covers of authoritative jazz periodicals around the world, always in combination with reviews on his music, awards or interviews with him. From the book The Complete Book Of Covers From The New Yorker, the issue dated Jan 4, 1958 is a painting of a jazz trio and the pianist was definitely Bill Evans. The first time he appeared on the cover of a jazz magazine happened in 1959 on Down Beat by way of Gene Lees , who joined the magazine that year as an editor after hearing Everybody Digs Bill Evans. Below some covers of issues from 1960 till 2011 like Down Beat, the French magazines Jazz Hot, Jazz Magazine and Le Jazzophone, the former British Jazz Journal and several issues of the Japanese Swing Journal.

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Down Beat, December 1960

Down Beat, November 1962

Down Beat, October 1964

Jazz Hot, February 1965

Jazz Magazine, March 1965

Jazz Beat, April 1965

Sounds & Fury, July 1965

Day In Day 0ut, 1965?

Jazz Journal, May 1965

Downbeat, June 1965

Downbeat, October 1968

Jazz Magazine, January 1970

Downbeat, Mai 1971

Downbeat, March 1976

Keyboard, March 1977

Jazz Hot, October 1978

Swing Journal, Mai 1979

Down Beat, October 1979

Le Jazzophone, April 1980

JazzImprov, Vol.3 No.1

Keyboard, June 1980

A Japanese Jazz Journal, 1981

Jazz Journal, March 1985

IAJRC Journal, January 1986

Jazz Magazine, September 1990

JazzTimes, Februari 1997

Musica Jazz, June 1997

Swing Journal, March 1998

Swing Journal, April 1999

Jazzman, September 2000

Swing Journal, March 2002

Swing Journal, Jan 2003

Swing Journal, Nov 2003

Swing Journal, Jan 2004

Keyboard Japan, October 2005

JazzUK, September 2005

Swing Journal, January 2006

Swing Journal, June 2006

Swing Journal, January 2008

Keyboard Magazine, March 2009

Swing Journal, June 2010

Jazz Magazine, October 2010

JazzLife, July 2011

Down Beat, Sept, 2012

Southeastern University, Okt, 2014

Jazz, Febr 1964

Jazz Giant, May 2015

Jazztimes, May 2016

Musica Jazz, Jan 2017
Autographs of Bill Evans on LP albums

Art Farmer - Modern Art
Click on the albums for detail

Bill Evans - Waltz For Debby

Cannonball Adderley - Cannonball and Eight Giants

Jimmy Knepper - Idol of the Flies

Bill Evans - Sunday at the Village Vanguard

Bill Evans - Everybody Digs Bill Evans

Bill Evans - Empathy

Bill Evans - Trio 65

Bill Evans - Buenos Aires 1979?

MGM/Verve records
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